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Welcome to the Library of Salon Roquet!

This is the place where you can find documents and articles featuring Team Rocket, and Pokémon. The Library is split into three sections - the Pokémon TV Show, Salon Roquet's Team Rocket Specials, and Fan Fiction and other contributions.

The Pokémon Television Show

Facts and stuff about the show that brought Team Rocket into existence. The episode list will be updated from time to time as more episodes are aired. Also, Salon Roquet will have a list of the Japanese titles soon! The Sound Archive features quotes and music from the show that you can download and listen to!

Pokémon Episode Guide (USA/Western titles)

The Team Rocket Sound Archive


Salon Roquet's Specials

Facts and articles about Team Rocket, compiled and/or written by the people of the Salon Roquet website!

Team Rocket's Motto and Variations

Rachel Lillis Interview
(courtesy AnimeFan Online)

Rachel Lillis Online Chat
(22nd July, 2000 from

'Double Trouble' Lyrics

Team Rocket Japan
(A complete section dedicated to the 'Rocket Dan' from original Pokémon TV show)

The Jesse & James Guide to Fashion!

It Must Be Love

Catch That Pikachu!! *NEW!*
(A type of fan contribution - a comprehensive list of plots to catch Pikachu!!)

Team Rocket Products
(A list of Team Rocket items available on the market, and where you can buy them)


Fan Fiction and Other Contributions

Please note that all articles, stories and other contributions are © their original authors, and MUST NOT appear on any other web site without the express written consent of those authors. If you would like a piece of writing featured here to appear on your site, please email the webmistress of Salon Roquet for details at the address below.
If you have a piece of writing you would like to submit, please email the webmistress with details:

Fan Fiction

'The Pokémon Travels of Bill Ketchum' - by Mewtwo; a story about young Pokémon trainer Bill, Ash's cousin!

'Mankey Mania' - by TRAnimeGal; a short story written by a Rocketshipper for Rocketshippers!

'Jim's TR Adventure' - by Giovanni and Mewtwo

'SailorSenshi!' - by Luna1989; two part story, a sort of cross over between Pokemon and Sailor Moon

'The Rocket Rebellion' - by Crystal;

'The Way I Feel' - by _Jessie_; this story is about James returning home after his parents truly died *NEW!*

'Time to Get Along' - by _Jessie_; *NEW!!*


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