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Time to get Along

By: _Jessie_


Author comments: I don’t really like stories about the far future of Team Rocket and the rest of the guys, but this idea for the story came to me after reading two fanfics about the separation of Team Rocket and I kinda liked to see the changes that time had left in them. So here is one of my own story, it includes new characters in it, but it’s necessary to the plot. It’s a RocketShippy story , what can I do, I’m a RocketShipper diehard.



Jessie was sitting in the kitchen in her house. It was Steve’s house too, for about a year. For all of you who wondered, Steve was Jessie’s Team Rocket partner. It’d been two years since The boss decided to separate Jessie and James, after coming to a conclusion that they are getting in each other’s way and failing all the time as a Team. He put Jessie together with Steve and sent James somewhere, she didn’t know where and haven’t seen him ever since. She wasn’t sure if he was still a Team Rocket member, she wasn’t even sure if he was still alive.

Steve wasn’t like James at all: a big strong man who could handle difficulties very well. He was perfect for Jessie, as a partner and as a lover. Yes, you guessed correctly, It didn’t take long for *him* to admit he was in love with her and she admitted it too, even though she still had feelings for James, but they’d faded away pretty quickly In Steve’s arms.

Meowth, by the way, had finally got to be the top cat again, and she hadn’t seen him since either.

Steve and Jessie, as one of the boss’ favourite teams, didn’t waste any time trying to capture Pikachu. For once, it was a little more difficult now that Ash kept it in a pokeball in his pocket and secondly (which also explains why it’s in the pokeball), Ash had decided, after a few fights with Gary, to try to be more like a real Pokemon trainer, more than their best friend, and one of the things he did was making Pikachu to get into the pokeball. After a while they’d almost forgot all about the strong friendship they once had, and now Pikachu was just his Pokemon, a pretty sad and weak one, so that’s why Jessie and Steve captured other Pokemons and not it, and they’d succeed pretty well doing that, got rich and bought that beautiful house.

Jessie was sitting in that same house that night, thinking sad thought. It was James birthday today, his 20th birthday. She remembered saying to him once that on his 20th birthday she’ll give him something special. But it was so long ago, and now he finally turned to be a really grown man, and she wasn’t there for him.

Luckily, Steve came home after a short while and made her forget about James and his birthday, and she remembered it again only in bed that night, after brushing her hair. It was, by the way, a lot shorter and she used much less hair spray because it ruined her hair and she couldn’t agree with that. So it was now up to the middle of her back and didn’t have such a long big wave. It looked almost normal now... She thought of James, wished she knew where he was, at least so she could wish him a very happy birthday and give him his surprise.

The next day Jessie and Steve got back from yet another good mission capturing some Pokemons from a near by Pokemon Center. They came back to the house and Steve went to take a shower, leaving Jessie to go to sleep alone. But she couldn’t sleep tonight. She heard strange noises from the bushes behind the house. She decided to go out and check out what those noises were. She went out of the house and walked slowly in the bushes, when suddenly she felt some one pushing her to the ground and starting to tie her up. Her mouth was shut by a big strong hand and she was led to a big cave near the house.

One of the persons dressed all in black took off her mask. She was a pretty blond girl, looked a lot like her former friend Cassidy. But this girl didn’t know her. She just saw the white outfit with the R on it and yelled to her partner: "Damn it, she’s a Rocket!"

"What?! How could she be a Rocket, Meowth told us very clearly that in this house there are rich Pokemon trainers with lots of Pokemons."

"Meowth sent you?" Jessie was so happy to hear the familiar name again. She suddenly noticed a big R on the girl’s uniform too.

"Yes, damn it, I’ll go give him a call now." The girl went angrily out side the cave, roughly ordering her partner to untie Jessie.

The man pulled off his mask and she could see his long blue hair, resting in a pony-tail shape on his back. It was just about the same length as Jessie’s hair, up to the middle of his back. He untied her and she quickly jumped and yelled at the man: "Idiots! Taking a Rocket hostage. What were you thinking?"

"We got the wrong instructions." He came closer into the light and she suddenly notice his familiar face.

"James?" she was in shocked.

"What... who... J- Jessie? Is that you?"

"Oh my gosh", she jumped into his arms. He held her close to him and whispered into her ear: "I missed you Jess..."

"I missed you too, where have you been all this time?"

"The boss got me together with Jennifer. She’s my partner now. God Jessie, if you only knew how much she’s like you, bossing me around and yelling at me." He looked into her blue big eyes.

"Oh..." She laughed. "That’s good! Than you probably didn’t even notice I’m not around."

"Oh, no Jess", his voice turned serious, "It just made me miss you more."

She lowered her eyes and said nothing, and he felt the embarrassment and continued talking: "So you’re still a Rocket?"

"Yeah, I’m working with a partner named Steve Oc’conley."

"The great Steve Oc’conley? Gosh, I heard he’s good."

"Yes. He is." Jessie sounded a little sad. All the lost feelings for James had started to come up and thinking of Steve just made her realize how unreal her love to Steve was.

"He sounds like more than a partner to you."

"Well he is. He's my boyfriend , James." She noticed a little sadness in his green beautiful eyes she’d never forgotten. "And you and Jennifer?"

"No, we’re just friend. She’s too much like you , she couldn’t possibly love me. She just yells at me and beats me all the time."

Jessie’s eyes filled with tears. All this time, and James probably thought she hated him, for the way she’d treated him, just like he thinks now about his new partner. She decided she had to tell him the truth.

"I loved you, James."

He looked at her with shining eyes. "You did??" But his eyes turned sad again. "Well, it doesn’t matter now. It's been too long and you have someone else. Too bad I didn’t know it then, because I loved you a lot. I think I still do."

"James..." A tear fell from her eye and she put her head on his shoulder.

"Jess, don’t. Don’t feel sorry for me. I’ll have my chance with someone someday."

"I’m not feeling sorry for you. I'm feeling sorry for me." A second tear fell from her other eye. "I don’t think I ever got over you. Steve is too perfect to put up with me for too long. You and I, we’ve been together for so long, no one can understand me like you did."

"Jessie... my Jessie..." He pulled her close and kissed her. The kiss was long and passionate. They were closer than ever before, not wanting to let go. Jessie looked James in the eyes and whispered: "Happy 20th birthday, James. I’d promised you a surprise when you turn 20, and here it is... it's not much but it’s all I got..." and kissed him again.


"Prepare for Trouble!"

"Make it double!"

"Oh gosh!" 13 years old Ash screamed. He sounded almost happy to see his old rivals. "You two?!"

"Jessie and James, what a surprise!" 15 years old Misty yelled. She was older and more feminine, but still annoying.

"Meowth ! That’s right!" A little bit older Meowth popped behind them.

"And Meowth!" Misty added.

"Yep! Tired of being the top cat."

"And also the Persian's back." Laughed James.

"Jessie, you’re looking good as ever." 18 years old but still horny Brock, said from behind Ash.

"Yes, don’t I look better than ever... " Jessie lifted her long hair up high. It had that old long wave in it again. She quickly got back to her old self: "But shut up, you Twerp. We’re here for your Pikachu!"

"No problems! Pikachu! Remind those two what you can do!"

Well... Seemed like Team Rocket’s blasting off again...

Just like the good old days.


Author's note: Well isn’t that nice... : )))) One of my best fanfics. Please comment me at All right reserved and also, Pokemon and Team Rocket aren’t mine so don’t sue.

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