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Team Rocket's Motto and it's Variations

Jesse's lines in yellow, James' lines in blue, Meowth's line in pink


The Original Motto of Jesse, James & Meowth

Prepare for trouble!
Make it double!
To protect the world from devastation,
To unite all peoples within our nation,
To denounce the evils of truth and love,
To extend our reach to the stars above!
Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light!
Surrender now or prepare to fight!
Meowth, that's right!



Jesse & James' Motto of Salon Roquet (see Episode 28, "Pokémon Fashion Flash")

To protect the world from boring fashion
To dress our people with flash and passion
To give all Pokémon pretty faces
To extend our art to outer spaces
Salon Roquet - when it comes to chic we know what's right!
Surrender your taste and prepare to fight!



Jesse & James' Restaurant Motto (see episode "The Fourth Round Rumble")

Want a burger and fires without trouble?
If you're really hungry, make it double!
To protect the world from hunger and thirst!
Our food isn't bad, at least not the worst!
The Team Rocket Restaurant - blast in for a bite!
We stay open all day, we stay open all night!


Jesse, James and Meowth's Motto-Song (see episode "The Song of Jigglypuff")

(Jesse in yellow, James in blue, both in purple, Meowth in pink)

You know its us Team Rocket and we fight for what is wrong,
We're tired of our motto so we thought we'd try a song!

The speed of light! Prepare to fight!
Meowth, that's right!
I am the handsome one,
I'm the gorgeous one,
Looking good is lots of fun!
We've guessed something's wrong but we keep rolling along!
We want to capture Pikachu we hope to do it soon
And when we do we'll be the new stars of this - cartoon!



The Motto of Butch and Cassidy (Cassidy in yellow, Butch in blue, Raticate in pink)

To infect the world with devastation
To blite all peoples within every nation
To denounce the goodness of truth and love
To extend our wrath to the stars above
Team Rocket, circling Earth all day and night!
Surrender to us now or you'll surely lose to the fight!



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