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When you access the 'Mottos and Variations' page, you can hear Jesse and (the initial) James recite their original motto. Here are some other Team Rocket sounds!


Quotes taken directly from the show! (And from the CDs too).

Jesse and James reciting the 'Salon Roquet' version of their motto
(from "Pokemon Fashion Flash")

Fashion Disaster!
(from "Pokemon Fashion Flash")

What time is it?
(from "Pokemon Fashion Flash")

Roses are the flowers of love and romance!
(from "Pokemon Fashion Flash")

James would just like to thank...

Meowth showing who's the boss of the Team!

James getting all angry about Pikachu!
(from "The Ultimate Test")

The Japanese version of the Team Rocket Motto

The Team Rocket Imitators
(from "Ditto's Mysterious Mansion")

27 second sample of 'Double Trouble' (from the '2BA Master' Pokémon soundtrack)

What does it mean, James?
(from "The Breeding Center Secret")

James tells us what he really wants

Team Rocket's Secret Weapon

"I'll always remember what a wonderful dresser you were!"

James and Brock see the Ghost of Maidens' Peak
(from "The Ghost of Maiden's Peak")

"This is so... exciting!"

What a waste...

Meowth: "Yay! Yay! We're going to have a picnic!"

"We're not worthy!"

"Growlie, I'm not going to make it..."
(from "Holy Matrimony!")

Jesse and James reciting their Team Rocket Motto**NEW!**
(from "Bye Bye Butterfree")


These sounds are too big to be downloaded directly, so they are available as zip files!

The Death Scene from "Holy Matrimony!"

The Motto-Song from "The Song of Jigglypuff"**NEW!**


These are pieces of music related to Team Rocket (only require minimal memory)

'Team Rocket Theme' **NEW!**
You know... It's that little instrumental that plays in the background when Jesse and James show up...

Motto-Song/Theme music **NEW!**
"We're tired of our motto so we thought we'd try a song!" music, with the theme slapped in there too

Team Rocket Base **NEW!**
The Team Rocket music from the Game Boy game

James' 'Lucky Lucky' Instrumental **NEW!**


** For lyrics to 'Double Trouble' CLICK HERE!**

[Thanks to Minerva, Kojiro no Nisou (Priestess of James) for some of the sounds (there's a link to her site on the links page)!]

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