Yes, James?
Why do we have a Pikachu page on our website?
*To mooch ideas on how to catch that little rat, you idiot!*
But, Jesse...
James - I'm tired of losing - every time we go out there and face those little brats they beat us and I'm sick of it! So I say we steal ideas off all our fans, and if I say we have a Pikachu page, that's what we'll have, got it??!!
Argh! Yes, Jesse!!


This page is just for fun!!

We all know how hard Jesse and James have tried to get their hands on Pikachu, but they lose every time!! Now's your chance to send in your brilliant ideas on how you'd like to see them do it!

Send in your plots to create our list!! (Don't forget to give your name or nickname)


Ways To Catch Pikachu:



Where do you want to go?