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Jim's TR Adventure

By Giovanni and Mewtwo



     I'm 10 years old today. I am Jim, Jim Firebird. I want to get a Pokemon today, and hopefully a Charmander! I guess the last name tells you that I like Fire Pokemon. I arose from my bed with a jump, and crashed out the window. I had laid my clothes out last night, so it was incredibly easy to get out fully dressed.

     I headed at a brisk pace for Oak's Lab, not aware that it was 5 am. I banged on the door, and a sleepy Prof. Oak opened it.

     "Jim! What are you doing at 5 am?" Prof. Oak said, with a surprised look on his face.

     " I've come to get my Pokemon! I would prefer a Charmander please, but any one will do."

     "Ok, here is the PokeBall containing Charmander. Go and make Pallet proud!"

     " We'll see if I do, won't we?" I mumbled.

     Getting to Viridian City was a piece of cake at this time of night. No guards were around since it was mostly dark. I found the Pokemon Center after a little bit of searching, but it was easy to find. I healed my Pokemon, and trotted off to Viridian Forest.

     When I got out, I had a Charmeleon, Nidorino, and a Beedrill. I was almost to Pewter City. I found out at the PokeCenter that I was the first trainer from Pallet to get there, no other trainers had arrived yet. It was suprising, since one trainer already had a bike. Heading to Pewter's Gym, I tripped an invisible laser beam that immediately shut the door behind me when I entered the Gym.

     I had to battle Brock, and he had a Geodude and an Onix. They weren't easy, but Nidorino and Charmeleon took care of them eventually. Brock gave me the Boulder Badge, and he also gave me a parting gift that only the first trainer would get: a map showing a shortcut through Mt. Moon.

     "Thanks!" I said, bubbling with excitement. Now I would be the first trainer for now on!

     "You are welcome. You have great potential. Do not abuse it by joining Team Rocket." Brock steadily replied.

     "What is Team Rocket?" I asked, intrigued.

     "Team Rocket is a group dedicated to evil using Pokemon. They rob Pokemon Centers and are easy to deal with. Just be careful not to get in their way."  Came the reply.

     "If they are easy to deal with, why do they rob PokeCenters? Can't the police just arrest them?"

     "They are tricky. They set off smoke bombs to cover their exits and entrances, which makes them hard to capture. They would have a use for your Charmeleon, so don't let it fall in their hands!"

     I walked out the door, heading for Cerulean City, and the next Badge. Suprisingly, I found myself wondering about Team Rocket. My parents had a photograph that showed them and their Chansey with a man hidden in the shadows. Whenever somebody came to our house, Dad would hide the picture behind the picture of a Dratini. Were they members of Team Rocket? Something clicked in my brain that moment. I realized that they were! That explains why they went to Cerulean on Saturdays, and why I had to wait outside on the playground when they went into the store. I now felt that it was my moral obligation to join Team Rocket.

     But, the problem was, Team Rocket members don't come up to you and say, "Would you like to join Team Rocket?" That's when he rode up on that motorbike.


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