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The Pokémon Travels of Bill Ketchum


By Mewtwo


CHAPTER ONE: Introduction

"Blastoise! Hydro-Pump, NOW!!" The powerful blast of water jetted out of Blastoise’s water pumps. The blast hit the defending Rapidash square in the side. A wall of steam rose up. *Daaaaaash*! The Rapidash cried out as it smashed into the ground on the other side of the battle field.

"Rapidash, return!" called out the other trainer.

Only 1 more Pokémon to go! I thought to myself. With a loud, booming voice, my opponent called out, "Zapdos, GO!". The Pokéball flew at a fast speed. Pop! Snap! Whoosh! the Pokéball opened to reveal the mystical electric-flying type.

"Blastoise, give it your water gun!" I called out. *Blastoise*.

"Zapdos, Thundershock!" he called out. *Zap*!. At that moment Blastoise aimed his water guns and let out a powerful stream of water. The electricity from Zapdos’s Thundershock hit the stream of water like a lightning rod. There was a great clapping sound like thunder. The air went still... Boom! Blastoise came flying out of the steam on his belly and screeched to a halt on the ground.

"Blastoise, Return!". The ray of light leaped out from the Pokéball and surrounded Blastoise. *Blastoissse*. he said weekly as he was pulled into the Pokéball. "Alrighty, then, in this case, I choose Charizard!" the Pokéball went flying toward the Zapdos, and the Charizard appeared in a dazzling fighting stance right above me. "Charizard, fly up to the Zapdos and lower it’s defenses with Leer, then knock it out with Fire Blast!" *Char, Charizard*. It leaped up toward the sky with a powerful bound. *Zapdos, Zap* The Zapdos sent a great bolt of electricity at Charizard, but with one flick of the wing, it dodged. *Chari*! The Charizard looked Zapdos right in the eye and released a blinding flash. *Zaaap*!! Cried the Zapdos, as it hovered there, startled. *Char... Iz... Ard*!!! Cried Charizard as he let out the powerful Fire blast attack. The Zapdos saw it at the last minuet, but it was to late. Bam! Boom! the attack hit it in the wing. With a despairing cry, the Zapdos hurtled toward the ground. "Charizard, Scull Bash, Now!" I called out. Charizard went hurtling down after the Zapdos at blinding speeds and hit it in the back right before it hit the ground.

"Zapdos, Return!" called out the other trainer.

"Yes!" I said, "I did it again!"

"Well done!" said the gym leader, "You defiantly earned this." He said as he handed me the badge and a TM. "This TM is recover, use it to heal your Pokémon during battle.

"Thanks!" I said. My 12th Badge. I still can’t believe how far I have come sense I started out with a Bulbasaur from prof. Oak 2 years ago in Pallet Town. My name is Bill Ketchum, cousin to the Pokémon trainer, Ash Ketchum. I started training only 3 months after he did. I now have 12 badges and 149 of 158 known Pokémon. Let me tell you how I got to where I am. It all started that Saturday back in Pallet town....


CHAPTER TWO: The Beginning

I was 10 years old. The alarm clock went off. I lept out of bed. this was the day I had been waiting for, for years. The day I get my first Pokémon! I got dressed in a hurry and headed down to the Professor’s lab. "Welcome, Bill!" said the Prof. "You’re just in time to get your first Pokémon!"

"I want a Bulbasaur, if you have one" I said.

"Right this way!" I followed him into the main room where the Poké-holder was. Picking up the Pokéball with a little leaf imprint on it, he said, "Is this the one you want? It’s a Bulbasaur."

"Yes, it is!" I said excitedly. He handed me the Pokéball. I pressed the white button on the front. There was a Popping sound as the lid clicked open. A flash of light lept out and materialized into a Bulbasaur, my Bulbasaur. *Bulba*. It said."Oh-ho Wow! My first Pokémon!"

"Well, there you go!" said the Professor, "Here is your Pokédex and Pokéballs."

"Thanks!" I said, "I won’t disappoint you."

"I Hope not ." he said.

*Bulbasaur, Bulba* Said the Bulbasaur on the table. It extended it’s vine in a gesture of friendship. "Bulbasaur, with your help, I will become the greatest Pokémon trainer... the greatest Pokémon master... Of all time!!!" I said with a hint of boldness in my voice. What happened after that was the beginning of my Pokémon adventure.


CHAPTER THREE: Weedle and Team Rocket

I soon set off on my way through the forest, Pokéball in hand. "Dum, de, dum, de, dum..." It was peaceful, and I was having a nice walk. *Weed*

"Hu? what was that?" Just then I saw something moving in front of me. I pulled out my Pokédex and turned it on. Weedle, a bug and poison type Pokémon. The horn on it’s head has poison strong enough to knock out a Slobro. "Wow! I want that Weedle! Bulbasaur, I choose you!"

Pop. Hiss. *Bulbasaur*.

"Bulbasaur, use your Vine Whip and restrain that Pokémon!"

*Bulba*! The vines shot out of Bulbasaur’s bulb and wrapped themselves around the Weedle’s middle. "Bulbasaur, now slam it into the ground!"

*Bulba*! The vines lifted Weedle up and threw it down. "Pokéball, go!" I threw an empty Pokéball. It hit the Weedle on the nose and opened up. It engulfed the Weedle in a bright light and pulled it in, then closed with a snap. "All Right!! WooHoo! Wait, why is it shaking?" The Pokéball was rocking on it’s side as if the Pokémon was trying to get out. Bing! it stopped moving. "Ya-hoo! We did it! Great work, Bulbasaur! I caught my first wild Pokémon! Yay!!!"

I had done it. I had caught my first wild Pokémon. Won’t Professor Oak be proud. Hehe. I thought to myself. "Weedle, come out!" I said as I dropped the Pokéball with my new Weedle to the ground. pop. Hiss. The Weedle appeared. "Nice to have you on my team, Weedle!" I said.


"We battle and win badges. You are now a part of my team. Bulbasaur, meet Weedle. Weedle, Bulbasaur." *Weed*.

*Bulbasaur, Bulba*. They were carrying on a conversation.

"Prepare for trouble." said a mysterious female voice.

"And make it double." Replied a mysterious male voice.

"To protect the world from devastation,"

"To unite all peoples within our nation,"

"To denounce the evils of truth and love,"

"To extend our reach to the stars above." Two people, one a man and the other a woman, jumped down from a tree and landed in a dumb-looking stance.



"Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light,"

"Surrender now, or prepare to fight!"

"Meowth, that’s right" Said a Meowth that had just jumped from the tree to land right in front of Team Rocket.

"Wow! A talking Meowth!" I said. "Who ARE you?"

"We’re the notorious Team Rocket, and we’re sick of that little brat’s Pikachu, so we thought you looked like an easy target to try to steal from." Said Jesse.

"Yes, and we want you to give us that Bulbasaur now, or else we will be forced to battle you." said James.

"Gimme a break, you don’t just think that I would just give up my Pokémon, do you?"

"We most certainly do." Said Jesse.

"Well, you were wrong! Bulbasaur, Vine Whip now! Weedle, Poison Sting, now!"


*Weedle*. The vines leaped out as Weedle jumped forward.

"Oh, no!" Cried James. The vines wrapped themselves around him and the Meowth and threw them sky high. At that exact same time, Weedle hit Jesse and knocked her away with James and the Meowth. "Looks like Team Rocket’s blasting off again...."


CHAPTER FOUR: Arrival at Viridian City

As I went on my way, I began to wonder why Team Rocket sounded so tough, and then were so easy to defeat. And who was this "Little brat and his Pikachu"? After about a days walk through the forest, without catching any more Pokémon, I finally came over a hill to see Viridian City at my feet. "This is it, we’re here!"

I could see a big building that looked like it had been on fire, or something. I went over to it to see what had happened. In the rubble, I saw a sign that read 'Viridian City Pokémon Center.'

"Oh, no! This was the Pokémon center I was told about, but apparently it’s not operating any more, I sure hope no one was hurt."

"No one was." said a voice from behind me. I whirled around to see a police officer.

"I am Bill Ketchum, from Pallet town." I said, "What happened here?"

"A group called Team Rocket happened here." She said.

Well, they seem to be a little more devastating than I thought. I thought to myself. " I bumped into them on my way here. they were pretty week, though."

"Yes, they were defeated by a Pokémon trainer named Ash. He used his Pikachu to shock them senseless, but the electricity counter-acted with Team Rocket’s Koffing’s smoke screen and caused an explosion."

"Ash! Did he have a red hat on with a white front and the Official Pokémon League symbol on it?"

"Yes, I think so..."

"That’s my cousin! Do you know which way he went?"

"I think he went up to Pewter city, but I’m not sure," she said.

"Great, then that’s where I’ll go next!"




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