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The Pokémon Travels of Bill Ketchum


By Mewtwo


CHAPTER FIVE: Kakuna and Pewter City

Again, I was on my way to another city, but I had to be fast. I first went into Viridian Forest, and came upon another Pokémon trainer, who challenged me to a battle. I accepted. That battle was a furious one, but it was worth it. The first thing he sent out was a Caterpie. Immediately, my Pokédex was out of my pocket and into my hand. Caterpie, a bug type Pokémon. It’s tackle was week, but it really wrapped things up with String Shot. "Aha, then, in that case, I choose Weedle!" Pop. snap. hiss. The Weedle came out of it’s Pokéball. "Weedle, Poison sting, now!" I said.

"Caterpie, String shot now!" Said the other trainer. My Weedle avoided the string shot and got the defending Pokémon right in the side and knocked it out of the ring.

"I win!" I said.

"Good work, it looks as if Caterpie needs some more training, cmon, Caterpie, let’s go to the training grounds." said the other trainer.

As soon as he left, Weedle started to spray out a funny, stringy material. "What’s happening?" I said. The material formed a case around the Weedle and hardened fast. Kakuna, the cocoon Pokémon, all it can learn is the defense move, Harden. "Alright! Weedle evolved into Kakuna!" I said as I held up the Kakuna. Now, Let’s get "On the Road to Pewter City".

After a bit of walking, I came to the edge of the forest, and behold, in front of me, Pewter City! I walked through the gate and into the hustle of people. I started to look around. I hoped to find a restaurant, because I was hungry, and I also wanted to find a Pokémon Center. There! I thought, That’s perfect! I was looking at a restaurant called "Wartortle’s" with a Pokémon Center across the street from it. First, I went into the Center, where I dropped off Bulbasaur and Kakuna, then I dropped in on "Wartortle’s" for a bite to eat.


CHAPTER SIX: Mitchell and "The Gym"

As I entered the restaurant, I heard someone say, "Hey, you!", I looked around and saw a guy sitting at a table in the corner. "Yea, you, are you a Pokémon trainer?"

"Yes." I responded.

"Come here, I want to talk to you."

"Um.....ok......" I went over to him, and sat down.

"Now listen, I am in a terrible spot, and I need a Pokémon trainer, like you, to help me out of it. Do you have a badge yet?"

"No, I don’t" I responded sadly.

"You know, there is a Pokémon Gym here in this city. What Pokémon do you have?"

"Bulbsaur and Kakuna." I said.

"Grass type, eh? If you evolve that Kakuna, it will become a Beedrill, which has a pretty good chance against the rock-type used here."

"How can I manage that?"

"Well, you can battle other trainers for experience points, and Kakuna doesn’t need very many, one good win ought to do it."

"Show me a trainer, and I’ll do my best!"

"Ok, follow me." I stood up and followed him outside and through the city, through an alley, and around a curve. When he finally stopped, he was at a cement-covered lot with a Pokéball painted in the middle. "Mitchell! I have a trainer who wants to battle you!" he called out. The wall opened and a boy, probably 11, stepped out. He had 2 Pokéballs at his waist. Then I remembered I left mine at the Pokémon Center. Before I could even say anything, he pulled two Pokéballs out from behind his back and threw them to me.

"Your Pokéballs." He said. I just nodded and puzzled over how he got my Pokéballs. "Two Pokémon each, only one at a time, and NO CHEATING!" he said. Then he said, "Pidgey, I choose you!" He hurtled a Pokéball into the air and it popped open and a Pidgey flew out. Pidgey, a bird Pokémon, this Pokémon is usually mild-tempered, but can be a problem when it starts using attacks like "Whirlwind" and "Gust".

"All-rightey, then, Bublbasaur I choose -"

"WAIT!", said the boy from the restaurant, "Isn’t it your OTHER Pokémon that needs the training?"

"Oh, yea." I said. "Kakuna, GO!" I launched my Pokéball into the air and it went flying. Kakuna popped out.

"Pidgey, Wing Attack, NOW!" Called out the other trainer.

"Harden, NOW!" I called out. Kakuna glowed with light as it hardened it’s shell. The Pidgey came down and started to beat it’s wings against the Kakuna’s shell.

*Pidgeyyyy, PIDGE*! It cried out as it’s wings popped on Kakuna’s shell. it was like hitting a stone wall. Pidgey, unable to fly, fell to the ground. "Pidgey, return, Go, PINSIR!" he called out. Pinsir, a Pinching Pokémon, when this Pokémon gets mad, it’s pincers can crush rock.

"Oh, drat! Kakuna, Maximum Harden, NOW!" The Pinsir grabbed the Kakuna up in it’s pincers and started to squeeze my Kakuna hard. Then, SNAP! "Oh, NO!" I cried, but I was wrong, the Pinsir’s pincers had broken. "Oh, YES!" I cried in happily.

"Pinsir, return. You are good, I think that you will fair well at the Gym, especially with your Beedrill." he said. I looked down, then, right before my own eyes, Kakuna lit up and cracked open, then a Beedrill emerged out from the casing. "WOW!" I said, "My own Beedrill!" I was very proud at that moment.


CHAPTER SEVEN: The Pewter City Gym

After that, I headed down to the Pewter Gym to earn my 1st badge.

The boy, who had now identified himself as Joe, was with me. As we came up on the gym, I wondered if I was really ready. I decided that I wouldn’t give up. As I walked in the door, a voice called out, "So, Joe, you have found another one? Do you really think this weakling can beat me? We’ll just see." I looked in the direction of the voice, and a shadowy figure seated in a chair looked at me. "Please step up to the platform and get ready to be defeated." he said.

I walked up to the platform and said, "It’s you who are going to be defeated, Mr.!" A voice over a loud speaker called out the rules, which were surprisingly familiar, the same as Mitchell’s. The battle started. I sent out Beedrill first, and the Gym Leader sent out Geodude. "Beedrill, let’s make this a quick battle, cut straight to the chase and do Twineedle attack!" *Bezzzz* My Beedrill charged straight at the Geodude who was trying to harden. The first part of Twineedle was blocked, but, as the name illustrates, the other "Needle" hit the Geodude in the middle of it’s body, if you want to call it that. it was immediately on the ground, knocked out. The Gym Leader then sent out an Onix, but surprisingly, it just stretched out and took a nap on the spot.

"NOO, Onix, GET UP AND BATTLE!!!" cried out the Gym Leader. the Onix refused, so I won in a cinch. I got the Boulder badge. I was happy.


CHAPTER EIGHT: A Twisted Turn of Events

As I was walking away, I ask Joe, "Why did you want me to win that? What did you do to him?"

Joe answered, "Come back to 'Mitchell’s' and I’ll show you."

I followed him back, and we went inside the building that Mitchell had originally come out of. In side, there were hundreds of people dressed in black with hats on and a big, red "R" on their shirts walking around, carrying Pokéballs and other stuff. "Welcome to Team Rocket Storage House #1!" said Joe, "My code name is Hyper, and I am a member of Team Rocket! I had to find a person to beat the Gym Leader so I would win a bet and get $10,000 for The Boss!"

I was completely taken by surprise. "I had to face 3 dumb Team Rocket members earlier, and they seemed to be despicable! I’m calling the police!"

"If you’re talking about Jesse, James, and Meowth, I know what you mean, but, I want YOU to join our ranks. This is one of the few places where GOOD Pokémon trainers are respected and where you don’t have to catch the Pokémon you use in battles. Before you refuse, let me show you what you will get if you join..."

I decided to see what this was all about, so I followed him. We walked through piles of crates and boxes. We finally reached a door, and upon entry, I saw a pile of Pokéballs a mile high! "Ok, if you join and are loyal, you will get 100 empty Pokéballs for stealing Pokémon with, $1,000 in cash, and any mode of transportation you choose, including the latest, the transforming "Rocketcycle"!" I was astonished at all the things I would get, and even without thinking, I made a decision I never lived to regret... to join Team Rocket!



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