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The Pokémon Travels of Bill Ketchum


By Mewtwo


CHAPTER NINE: The Search for a Partner

After I had some briefing, I was sent on my way. I had met the Boss, who's real name was Giovanni, and had ben told to use the RocketCycle's computers to locate me a good partner. I was headed along the road, while I was operating the Rcomp. It read: Suitable partners:

 Ash Ketchum *

Gary Oak +

 Jim Firebird []

I looked at the choices. The * meant not very much chance. the + meant  maybe, and the [] meant ready and willing. I locked in the homer icon on the last, and best, choice, Jim Firebird. As I went along, I saw a trainer. I decided to make my first raid. I jumped of the Rocketcycle, and ran up to the dude.

"I am from Team Rocket, and I want you to hand over your badges and Pokéballs, NOW!"

"Not without a fight!", he said.

"Ok, so be it!" I said and sent out my Beedrill. "Beedrill, use quick attack and snatch that trainer's Pokéballs!"

*Buzzzz!* The Beedrill snatched the Pokéballs right off the trainer's belt.

"Ha! you are not a very good trainer! Now, Beedrill, for the badges!" Beedrill flew in circles around the trainer, then knocked him down and unconscious. upon inspection, I found out that the boy had bin given the Pokemon by a friend, and he had started out that morning. I left him, and took his Pokéballs. I found out that I had just swiped a Scyther, a Nidorino, a Haunter, and an Onix. After I brain-washed the new Pokémon, I went on my way to find this Jim person. The homing signal got close, and then I saw him walking along the road. I pulled up and jumped off. "I am looking for a Jim Firebird, are you him?"

"Yes..." He replied.

"I am from Team Rocket, and I am here to see if you would be interested in joining. now, BEFORE you say no, listen to this, if you join, you will get $1,000 in cash, 100 empty Pokéballs, your own Rocketcycle, and I will let you be my partner!" He accepted.


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