What better place to host Jesse and James Guide to Fashion than Salon Roquet?!

Salon Roquet was created to show Pokémon and their trainers that anyone and anything can be as beautiful as Jesse and James, remember? Well, nearly as beautiful as Jesse and James that is (no one can be that gorgeous). So here we go, the Team Rocket Guide to Fashion presented by Salon Roquet!

Let's take a look at what Jesse and James have taught us about what's hot and what's not in the Pokémon fashion world.


The Uniform!

Classic white with black accessories and of course the splash of red to make up the Team Rocket 'R' symbol. The perfect ensemble to accentuate Jesse's gorgeous figure and James' imposing frame. It's practical too!

Jesse's green earrings contrast the rest of the outfit nicely, a move which only Jess could get away with! James almost always carries the symbolic rose, pertaining to the beauty of Team Rocket without forgetting about the damage they can do (because of the thorns, get it?)


Cross Dressing!

Obviously an important part of any man's wardrobe is his dresses! Well, in James' case anyway... Throughout the series' the amount of times we've seen our Jamie in a pretty little skirt or cute little blouse has risen dramatically. But that's okay, he looks way cute!

Don't forget Jesse, we've seen her in a few masculine outfits too. It's usually when James is dressed as a girl, so perhaps it's to emphasise her place as the dominating force in the group.

Here's a brief list of episodes we've seen some of the more famous Team Rocket cross-dressing outfits: In "Battle Aboard the St. Anne", Jesse and James dressed as glamour girls (James pictured right). In "Pokémon Fashion Flash", James wore a 'goldielocks' style wig, with a fantastic ball gown, while Jesse dressed in a sort of prince outfit (both left). And of course, the dreaded episode 18, which has been banned in the western world for the cross dressing going beyond fun, the episode features James' in women's inflatable body suit in a bikini (so he had breasts). For a picture, go back to the Library and go to the USA Episode List and scroll to the bottom of the page!


Disguises and other Costumes!

This covers a wide variety of fashions, or non-fashions as the case may be. Sometimes it's vital that you look inconspicuous so as not to be recognised, even if it means compromising your usual high-standard style.

And don't forget that variety is the spice of life! Jesse and James are often seen in a wealth of different costumes just to show off their vast wardrobes and varied styles.

Where do you want to go?