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The Rocket Rebellion

By: Crystal

Part 1

Disclaimer: If I were the owner of all these characters, would I be spending my days in the lousy town I live in, or Hollywood? LOL. Hah. Well, Ireesha is my character, anyways.

Rating: Um...I cussing or anything we don't want to think about, but some violence.

Summary: Jessie and James are captured by the infamous Rocket Rebellion and must rely on the help of a strange young woman to escape. Right now it looks like there will be quite a few little bits and pieces to the or none.

So Here We GOOOO! ^_^

Jessie watched the middle-aged man circle their trio.
The Rocket Rebellion.
The small group of Rockets who had banded together to go up against the Boss now chuckled and cockily aimed their handguns at Meowth, who was too afraid to move from his kneeling position in front of Jessie and James.
"We'll use the cat as an example, to show that we mean business," their leader, Kip, snarled. He pointed the gun at Meowth...
Jessie threw herself unwillingly into James's arms as she heard the gunshot.
"I can't look. Don't make me look," she whispered.
The Rocket Rebellion took Jessie and James as their hostages and threw them in cages somewhere in a back room of their underground headquarters. They were promised to be used as "guinea pigs" for the experiments and literal death sentences of the Rocket Rebellion. The men stayed and tortured them for a short while, but soon they were left alone.
Or so they thought.
Speechlessly, Jessie glanced at her partner. Pure terror burned as emerald flames in his eyes. A steady river of tears spilled down his face.
Jessie crawled to him and stiffly pulled him close to her, stroking his hair and whispering to him. "Shhh...don't cry...don't cry..." Jessie secretly hoped that her feelings for him weren't this act of kindness.
James shakily stammered, "I can't"
Jessie was about to attempt more comfort when she noticed that they were not the only ones in the back room cells. She looked up and noticed a woman of about twenty years old in a cell across from the one she and James now shared.
"Who's there?" the woman asked. Jessie jumped at her voice. It was deep and raspy, strange, especially for a woman. Her skin was dark; it seemed almost Italian. Her long hair hung lank and jet black. Her eyes were clouded, icy blue, and obvioulsly blind. But what really got Jessie's attention were the two unmistakable ears of a Vulpix protruding from her head.
"W-We're hostages. Me, I'm Jessie. And my partner, James."
"Did my father send you here?"
"I don't know your father."
"You are in Team Rocket and do not know my father? You are a strange person, Jessie. I thought all members of the Rocket Gang new him. Er, Team Rocket, that is."
Jessie exchanged glances with James. "What's your name?" she asked.
"Ireesha what?" James asked supiscously.
Jessie gulped. "So..." James continued, "Your father is the Boss?"
Ireesha simply nodded and hung her head. "Poor, demented man. I love my father dearly, but he's been so different...he won't even get me out of this cruel prison. I've been here for seven years, and now I have not human ears, but Vulpix ears. I haven't had my sight for five years. I'm sure my father doesn't even miss me."
Jessie noticed a beautiful necklace on Ireesha's neck. The chain was silver, and a ruby "R" hung from the center, and emblem of the Team they didn't understand but were forced to commit to.
"This necklace," Ireesha said, "was a gift for my thirteenth birthday. The day before I was brought here. My father told me that if I ever needed anything, or if I was ever in trouble, to just use this necklace. I don't understand...I'm still here."
"Will we ever get out of here alive?" James whined suddenly.
"Alive?" Ireesha repeated. "I doubt it."


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