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Part One

By Luna1989

It was just time to wake up.Sunlight shot out and didn't bother anybody but me."ARRRRRRRRRRGH!"I screamed.  Link, my brother, woke up.

"Ugh...Tikal.Did morning get you again?" he asked. I snorted and ran to get breakfast ready. I had become a Pokémon trainer with my brother,and we stayed the night at the Pokémon center."Leave me alone, Link." I grumbled.

"I just was wondering.I thought maybe some killer came."said Link. We headed out of the Pokémon center while I was listening to my Sailormoon CD and Link was listening to his Pokémon CD.

"Darn.Nothing At All is over." I flipped to the next CD,which was my Sonic Adventures CD. The song 'It doesn't matter' started to play. I sang along."Well I don't show off, don't criticiiiiize. I'm just livin' by my...."


"But I'm listening to Sonic's theme!"




Somewhere around the Pokémon Center, Ash, Misty, Tracey, and Pikachu were taking a rest next to the river. "The air's so fresh!"exclaimed Misty.

"Yeah! This is a great place to draw!" Tracey said as he was trying to draw Pikachu."Stand still!"

"Pika pika!"

Link and I were still listening to CDs,when we heard the commotion. "PIka! Pika picha!"

"Oh how cute! A Pikachu!" I said.

Link just rolled his eyes."Tikal, Pikachu don't live here. It's probably owned." But I was already running toward the noise."Tikal! Get back here!'re throwing us off the trail!"    I stood still when I saw 3 people with a Pikachu."Tikal wait!" I looked behind me and there was my brother.

"Link, you were right. That Pikachu is owned." I said.

"I'm right again."

"So what?!"

"Hey hey! Calm down! You're sounding like Ash and Misty!"said Tracey, interrupting our argument.

I blinked."Who're they?" I said as a raised an eyebrow.

"Just some friends of mine."


"Who are you?!"Said Ash.

"I'm not really from around here...."He could tell, because I was still wearing my school uniform,with a blue bow,white body piece,a blue strip that was like collar,only longer,and flower earrings with some neat blue sneakers.

"I could tell that.Your friend isn't from here either?"

"He's not just my friend,.he's my brother!" Link was wearing his usual red tunic with brown boots,a sword he called the 'Master Sword' and a red shield with a crescant moon on it that was like a mirror.He was always thinking an attack was coming. He had plenty more weapons, but you'll find out about them sooner or later. "You wanna know who I am? I'm Tikal, from Jyuuban, and this is my brother, Link.He's really just my foster brother. He's a Hylian. Tell me who you are!"

"I'm Ash,from Pallet."said Ash.

"I'm Misty from Cerulean City."

"And I'm Tracey"

I blinked a bit. "A boy named Tracey?"

"Tikal! Stop it! Remember my friend? His name was Tracey!"


"I wonder who those kids are."Said Jessie.

"I've never seen dem around.I can tell ya dat"said Meowth.

"I wonder what Pokémon they have...."

"I have to go along on my way, Ash. C-ya!"

"Wait! Let's have a battle!" he said.

"Fine.Go Arctic!"    A flash of light appeared,and an Articuno came out.

"CUUNO!" it called.

"Choose what you like!Go Pikachu!"

"Arctic! Ice beam, now!" Arctic did as it was told and Pikachu was frozen.

"Pikachu!...Return Pikachu!Go Squirtle!"

"Go Makoto!" Makoto was my Zapdos.

"ZAAAAP!"it screached.

"Squirtle Water gun!"

"Makoto,Thunderbolt!" Makoto got wet and Squirtle got shocked and fainted.

"Squirtle return! I give up..."

"It's lucky you did!" I heard a bit of rustling in the bushes." you guys hear that?" I asked.

"Hear what?"asked Ash."It's probably just mer"I said.But then,two people jumped out of the bushes(not literally mind you). "Who are you?!"

"Prepare for trouble!"

"Make it double!"

"To protect the world from devistation!"

"To unite all peoples within our nation!"

"To denounce the evils of truth and love!"

"To extend our reach to the stars above!"



"Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light!"

"Surrender now or..."

"Hey!You must be the world famous Team Rocket! Can I have your autograph?" I asked.

"Surrender now or prepare to fight.ummm....Jessie?"

"Give the kid an autograph."said Jessie.


I shoved the book into Link's face."Look what I got Link! An autograph from the world famous Team Rocket!"

"Tikal!I'm trying to listen to my CD!"

"Fine.Be that way!"

Finally,we were back on the path,after getting both Jessie and James' autograph and leaving Ash-tachi to battle them."I wanted an autograph!"

"You missed your chance Link."

"Awwwwwwwww" Suddenly,a grey cat,white cat,and a black cat jumped out of the bushes. "Huh? How cute!!!!!" I picked up the grey kitten when I noticed something odd.They had crescant moons on all of their foreheads."Link, these cats don't look normal. They have crescant moons on their heads!"

"You have to help us!"a small green symbol that had a sword appeared on my forehead. A small triangle with 3 triangles in it appeared on Link's forehead.

"I knew it! They are!" the black cat, named Luna, and the white cat, named Artemis jumped in the air.They did a flip and one wand that was green and had a sword symbol on top appeared from Luna's flip and a gold wand with a triangle with 3 triangles in it appeared from Artemis'.

"Take this and call out,'Sun Crystal power, make up!'" said Luna to me.

Artemis shouted to Link and said,"Call out,'Triforce Star Power Make up!'"

I shrugged."Why not? Sun Crystal Power...MAKE UP!"I shouted. I started to spin around and do poses when I ended up posing with my hand in the air, my leg near my stomach, and me winking. Link ended up with his sword downwards and his shield in front of him.

"You, Tikal, have transformed into Sailor Sun!"

"And you,Link,have transformed into Sailor Triforce!"

"What do you need me for?"

"Follow me!"said Luna.

We ran and ran."Where are we going?"I asked.

"You have to fight!"

"Fine" Finally, we ran and met up with Sailormoon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Neptune, Pluto, Uranus, Saturn, Star
Fighter, Star Maker, Star Healer, and Chibi Moon. "Wow!'" I said.

"Fight!"screamed Luna.

"Fine!" Then I started to turn bright blue and ran at light speed and attacked the monster,which was in this case,a flower called, 'Kisenian.' The Kisenian shrieked. "Din's Fire!"screamed Link,and slammed his fist on the ground and fire surround him and attacked the flower.The flower burned and was destroyed."

"ha!" I said."Guess we showed that dumb flower,huh Tikal?"

Meanwhile, in the bushes, Team Rocket watched the whole fight.

"Did you see that? Did you see that?"

"Yes I saw!"

"Dey would be excellent recruits for da team!"

The next day, I was walking with my Vulpix walking with me. "Vul!"it said fearfully.

"What's wrong Vulpix?"A man with a shadowed face was following us. "What do you want?" I asked.

"I was wanting to know,would you like to join our team?It is Team Ro...

"OF COURSE I WOULD!" I screamed, interrupting him.


"What about you Link?"


"Excellent.You may join, I heard about your work from Jessie and James. They said you were great fighters."

"We sure are!"said Link

"Link stay out of this!"


"Follow me to my headquarters"


We finally reached headquarters,when he asked us to sign a few papers. "You will be assigned with Jessie and James.They need some help."


"Meowth get off of the curtains!"

"I'm bored!I wish something would happen!" Just then I walked in the door.

"Dat was different!"

"Good enough Meowth? Now get off the curtains."

"What's going on here?"I asked.Meowth said nothing at all,he was still hanging on the curtains."Let me handle this you guys.You know Meowth, hanging on the curtains can be very painful...wanna know why?"

"Yeah!"said Meowth

"BECAUSE I'M GOING TO BREAK YOUR ARMS OFF IF YOU DON'T GET OFF RIGHT THIS SECOND!"Meowth stared at me surprised and then jumped off.

"Just leave it to the master."

"Vul!"Said Vulpix.I laughed and patted Vulpix on the head.

"Why are you in here anyway?"they asked.

"Giovanni assigned me to be your partner.Link right now is getting dressed."

"Vulpix!"said Vulpix.

"Vulpix stop immitating me."I said.

"Vul..." Finally,Link got done dressing and walked in."Hi Link!Jessie,James,this is my brother Link,and I'm Tikal.Nice to meet you,or should I say,'Hajimashite.'" I said as I laughed a bit."So you guys did join Team Rocket?"asked Jessie."Of course!I couldn't put down a chance like that!Giovanni said that you guys need help.What d'ya need help with?" I asked. "We need to get that brat,Ash's Pikachu!" "Why can't you catch your own?" "This one's more valuable!" "oh."We thought for a while,and then I shot up.I got it!" I said. "Got what,Tikal? Pneumonia?" "Shut up Link!" "Sorry" I whispered the plan in their ears....




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