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Protect the world from devastation... Adopt a member of Team Rocket today!!!

Welcome to Salon Roquet's Pet Emporium! I am Nurse Joy... of Team Rocket! I'm in charge of caring for all the little pets and finding good homes for each of them!

If you would like to adopt from us, its really easy - all you have to do is choose the 'pet' you want to adopt from the selection below, and just copy the code in the box underneath - then simply paste the code into your page! (Scroll down the page to see what your pet will look like!).

Oh, and don't forget you need to change the date of adoption. If you don't change it, the date will automatically show up as January 4th.


Here are the 'pets' you can choose from:

Pet #1 James

Pet #2 Jesse

Pet #3 James

Pet #4 Jesse

Pet #5 James

Pet #6 Jesse


Pet #7 Ekans

Pet #8 Arbok

Pet #9 Meowth

Pet #10 Cassidy

Pet #11 Butch

Pet #12 Koffing


Pet #13 Jesse

Pet #14 James

Pet #15 Meowth

Pet #16 Meowth

Pet #17 Jesse

Pet #18 James

You can adopt as many as you'd like!

When you have adopted your pet and put the code into your web page, your pet will look something like this:

I adopted James!
4th January, 2000
Get yours at
Salon Roquet!

Where do you want to go?

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