Other Team Rocket/Pokémon websites you might like to visit!

Team Rocket Links

These are sites dedicated especially to Team Rocket, but most usually have other general Pokémon stuff on too, such as game maps, tips, and stuff like that.

'Salon Roquet' is not responsible for the content of these sites!

The Team Rocket Online Fan Shrine


Blasts off at the speed of light!

Team Rocket Shrine (Minerva's site, she kindly gave us some of the files in our sound archive).

Visit Team Rocket's Corner!
Visit this cooOOOooOool Team Rocket site!

To have a lot of fun dressing (or undressing!) Jesse and James, click on the banner!

Hop on Baby!
Another one!


Double Trouble (Fantastic Team Rocket/Rocketshippy Fan Fiction-based site!!)

Lazy's Team Rocket Hideout

You've gotta' check this out!

TR's Stolen Pokemon Palace

Team Rocket Base

This site is new, but has lots of TR stuff!

General 'Pokémon' Links

These are sites dedicated to more general Pokémon stuff which may also contain Team Rocket bits and pieces too, but essentially everything Pokémon unless otherwise stated.

Pokémon World (Nintendo's Official Site)

The Pokémon Center One of the biggest Poké-site on the net!

The Pokémon Forest Pass through the Forest and check out the tons of stuff there, including news, game stuff, character bios, adopt-a-Pokémon and loads more!

The PokéMasters

The Psychic Pokemon Connection

 Lots of great Pokémon fan-fiction!

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