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Ever wonder about who portrays Jesse and James? Who are the people behind the voices of the characters we love? Here's some information gathered and compiled by Salon Roquet.


Rachel Lillis

Rachel portrays the voices of Jesse and Misty, as well as many of the Pokémon on the show.

Lillis had decided she wanted to be a voice actor by the age of thirteen, but hadn't originally set her heart on doing voices for Japanese animation. However, she has stated that she'd always enjoyed anime and loved the beautiful artistry, so she's very happy to be taking her career in this direction.

Rachel Lillis got involved in Pokémon when she was called in to audition by the two organisations - TAJ and CPM (Central Park Media). She had worked with these companies in the past on an animation called 'Slayers' (Rachel played the parts of the evil sorceress and her daughter) and they had been very impressed with her work. At Lillis' initial Pokémon audition, she read for the parts of Jesse, Misty, Ash and Pikachu. Jim Malone gave her the parts of Jesse and Misty, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Over the last two years, Rachel has worked on many other Japanese-to-English animes, inlcuding the main role of 'Utena' in "Utena, Revolutionary Girl", 'Goddess' in "Gowcaizer", a schoolgirl in "Takegami", the 'Sorceress' and her daughter (as well as other incidental roles) in "Slayers", and she also worked in "Voltage Fighters".

Her favourite animations are: "Fire Tripper", "Akira", "Ranma 1/2", "Nausicaa", "Tenchi Muyo", and "Lapua".



You can send fan mail for Rachel to this address, which they will pass on directly to her:
Rachel Lillis, c/o Central Park Media, 250 West 57th Street, New York, NY 10107

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Eric Stuart

Eric is the voice of James, and he also plays Brock and Tracy, and various Pokemon. Eric took the role of James from episode four onwards.

Although Eric's passion and first love seems to be music, he still enjoys doing voices for animations too. Along with the roles of James and Brock in Pokémon, Stuart has played roles in shows inlcuding "Slayers", "Here is Greenwood", "The Poltergeist Report", and "Gall Force".

Eric is the lead singer of a band, and he also plays guitar. Among many other accolades he has achieved in his musical career, Eric has won a John Lennon Songwriting Award. To read all about Eric Stuart's life, music, songs and awards, please go to his official web site, which can be found at


You can send fan mail to Eric and/or his band at:


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