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Episodes 61 - 80
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Please note: The summaries are only brief, and so not every occurence in the show can be accounted for. The summaries are correct as far as I'm aware, but if you spot any discrepancies, please let RocketChick know so the error can be rectified immediately. Thank you!




Brief Episode Summary

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61. The Misty Mermaid The gang go back to Cerulean City Gym (Misty's sisters' gym), where Misty is talked into taking a lead role in their underwater show. As part of the show, two of her sisters would be the criminals who try to attack her and steal her Pokémon. So, the resourceful Jesse and James find out and they play the roles instead without anyone knowing!


62. Clefairy Tales! A group of Clefairy have been stealing peoples' property in order to gather materials to build a spaceship so they can leave the Earth to find the place where they came from. At first, nobody knew it was the Clefairy and thought it was aliens! Jesse and James dress as aliens while Meowth controls their 'ship' and they catch Pikachu!! Ash notices the ship isn't real so he sends Pigeotto to break the rope it's being pulled up by, and Team Rocket fall back to the ground. The Clefairy finally get their hands on Pikachu (its electricity will fuel their spaceship) so the 'heroes' have to save her. Team Rocket get onboard the spaceship too, and when a stray Jigglypuff comes aboard and sings down the microphone for the ship's address system, everyone ends up asleep! Do the heroes save Pikachu before the ship ends up in space? Hmm... well, what do you think?


63. Battle of the Badge Ash makes his way to the final gym on his quest, and it's owned by Giovanni!! Gary is already there, but loses to Giovanni's new Pokémon - Mewtwo. Meanwhile Togepi goes walkabout while Misty isn't watching and it goes missing. Jesse, James and Meowth find it and after some difficulty, they capture it!! The boss (Giovanni) though, isn't very pleased because little is known about Togepi's power. Gio has to leave, so he entrusts the running of the Gym (and all the Pokémon) to Jesse and James! They set up the gym platforms so that if you have a Pokémon that is hurt in battle, as the trainer you will feel the shock too. Ash battles Jesse; and because of James' system design, she ends up feeling the shocks too! She does really well, but... in the end Ash wins the battle and gets his 8th badge! [Another great episode]

*James' butt!*

64. It's Mr. Mimie Time! Ash and his friends go to a circus to find that they need a new Mr. Mime for their show. Ash eventually agrees to dress up as Mr. Mime temporarily until they can catch a new one, and all kinds of havoc is started!


[special] Holiday Hi-Jynx! The Pokémon Christmas Special! At the beginning of the show we learn that Jesse, with the help of James and Meowth, is plotting to get back at Santa Claus (she believed Santa was really a Jynx) for stealing her doll when she was young. They set out to find Santa, at the same as Ash and co. who have met a Jynx who cannot get home (the Jynx works as Santa's helper). A good episode!
[special] Snow Way Out! Whilst travelling through the mountains, Ash and his friends get lost, and when they get stuck in a horrific blizzard they wish they'd gone the other way! In the wind storm, Pikachu loses her grip on Ash and gets blown away, Ash runs off and manages to find her and uses Bulbasaur to save Pikachu from falling off the cliff. The storm gets worse, and Ash and his Pikachu huddle together, all helping each other. Ash learns that he and his Pokémon are real friends and that's the most important thing to him of all. Team Rocket who also got lost in the mountains after their hot air balloon drifts away, fight to stay awake in their 'ugloo' to save themselves from getting hypothermia. Meowth dreams of being in a hot spring at one point and when the morning comes in attempt to stop Ash and pals getting their hot air balloon, they fall down a hill and land in a hot spring safe from the cold! The problem - "it's too cold outside, but too hot in the water! Looks like Team Rocket's cooling off again!"

65. Showdown at the Poké-Corrall Ash meets up with Professor Oak and Gary is there too. Professor tells them that they are both the most successful trainers from their group Pallet Town, and they are both ready to enter the Pokémon league in three months time. At the Professors' home (which is also inhabited by hundreds of numerous types of Pokémon), the boys learn different things about themselves and the Pokémon they've caught, and the varying ways in which both Ash and Gary have been successful trainers. Team Rocket try to infiltrate the habitat but time after time are chased off by the different types of Pokémon, and eventually sent blasting off by a herd of Tauros that Ash had caught for Professor Oak. Team Rocket HQ is blown up in the episode (by Gio's super-Pokémon when it escapes), and Giovanni survives (of course Jesse and James do too, they weren't inside!). Gio gives Jess and James a 'show of confidence' which changes their mind about quitting (they had contemplated leaving TR beforehand because they always let Team Rocket down, and didn't want to end up being fired).

66. The Evolution Solution The 'heroes', still in Pallet Town, go to visit the eccentric Professor Westward the Fifth, who is trying to solve the puzzle of Slow-Poké's evolution. Jesse, James and Meowth catch a Shellder (this Pokémon joins Slow-Poké and they both eveolve together). So, when they find the Slow-Poké, they send Shellder to join with him, but fail thanks to Misty's usually useless Psyduck. After trying so hard, Slow Poké falls over onto Cloyster and they join and evolve into Slow-Bro right in front of Westward Fifth and he finally works out the mystery of the evolution.

67. The Pi-Kahuna! On Ash's break until the Pokémon League season, they travel to the beach where they find out about the legend of 'Jan', the only man who surfed the 'Humunga Dunga' - a huge wave that only occurs once every 20 years - and stuck his flag in the top of a large rock in the ocean. The man they meet (Victor) has his own Pikachu, whom he affectionately calls 'Pooka'. Pooka is a mysterious little Pikachu, who is over 20 years old! He can feel the ocean and the way the waves will go, helping Victor in becoming the best surfer around. Team Rocket show up in their Gyrados submarine and plan to steal both Pikachus! The gang go out to save the little Pokémon in the turbulent weather - when the Humunga Dunga wave arrives! Victor manages to ride the wave and sticks his flag next to Jan's, fulfilling his life long dream.


68. Make Room For Gloom The 'heroes' go to a plant nursery to where Brock meets the beautiful owner and he believes he's fallen in love (- again! -). She isn't very confident in her abilities. Bulbasaur 'befriends' her Gloom! She explains that a girl with red hair and a boy with blue hair has stolen her leaf stone that would've made the Gloom evolve. The gang realise that it was Team Rocket, and then they all meet and Meowth throws stun spore at them! Jesse and James take Pikachu, and the only person to save them is the girl and her Gloom! Brock gives her the confidence and encouragement she needs to defeat the villains and get back Ash's Pikachu. The girl then reveals her love for one of the other workers in the nursery much to Brock's dismay. Never mind Brock!


69. Lights, Camera, Quack-tion Everyone auditions their Pokémon for the main parts in a movie, 'Pokémon in Love', but to Jesse and James disappointment Arbok and Weezing are cut in the final audition. Misty's Psyduck gets the part, alongside the main star, Wigglytuff. To get revenge, Jesse and James return to the set and steal all the Pokémon apart from Psyduck! A huge fight erupts and Psyduck saves the day, then the director decides that the fight against Team Rocket will be the movie instead!


70. Go West Young Meowth Ash, Misty, Brock and Ash's mom get an invitation to go and see the movie they were in, in Hollywood! They go, and all of their hopes of the lights of Hollywood were shattered when they arrived in a poor and run-down area, with the movie being shown in a dark little theater. Jesse, James and Meowth arrive too, and Meowth tells them he's off for a wander and will be back in time for the movie. Meowth then tells us his life story, of being abandoned as a little Meowth and getting caught up in a gang in this area of Hollywood. He fell in love with a rich little Meowth, called Meowsie, who didn't want to know about him because she only liked humans. Our Meowth learned to talk and walk on two legs just for her, and when he showed her all he'd done, she still shyed him away because he was now a 'freak Meowth'! So, he left the area to join Team Rocket and show the world that he was no freak. Back in the present, he meets his old gang - and Meowsie is there too! She tells him she was abandoned because her humans ran out of money, so she joined the gang. Meowth confronts the Persian leader but is outnumbered, until Jesse and James arrive announcing that they love their Meowth too much to watch him with the gang!! Their Meowth battled Persian and won - only to be told by Meowsie that she will be loyal to Persian and not leave the gang behind. Meowth sadly leaves with Jesse and James to go see the movie. Ash and his friends find out that all the movie was cut and they weren't even in it! Just to keep up appearances, Team Rocket show up after the movie and sing a little song for the sake of it.

71. To Master the Onixpected! Brock, Ash and Misty set off to meet Bruno - one of the four elite Pokémon masters - in the mountains. A giant Onix who inhabits the mountain almost tramples them all, and Bruno runs down to save them. He tries to teach them that there is no secret to being a great Pokémon master, but Ash and Brock don't want to know. Team Rocket try to capture the giant Onix but fail and get chased into a cave instead. Ash and his friends try to save them, but when it looks like they are about to lose, Bruno arrives and saves them instead. Bruno shows that there was a Sandslash stuck in Onix's body and that's why he was trying to trample everyone. Ash and Brock decide that Bruno is truly a great guy.

72. The Ancient Puzzle Of Pokémopolis (Please click here to read the full episode summary)


73. Bad To The Bone On their journey to the Indigo Plateau (where the Pokémon League Competition is held), Ash and his friends meet a young trainer (with his Marowak) who's had his badges stolen... well actually, he tried to steal Ash's badges and that's how they met. It turns out, it was Team Rocket who stole them so the guys and Misty go off in hot pursuit. When they catch up with the Meowth hot air balloon, only James and Meowth are inside and they are angry that Jesse had stolen the badges from them and had gone off on her own with them!! James manages to trick her into revealing herself (she was in disguise), but they still stick together in trying to keep the badges - but yet again, they lose when Marowak, who'd left his trainer, returns and saves the day.


74. All Fired Up! Ash manages to get the job of running with the Moltres' flame to light the torch to signify the beginning of the Pokémon League Competition. Team Rocket try their hardest to get their hands on the Moltres flame, and each time are unsuccessful, until the end when they steal the whol torch once it's lit! However, a huge Moltres bird flies from the flame to stop them from taking it and saves the Pokémon League!


75. Round One -- Begin!  


76. Fire And Ice  

77. The Fourth Round Rumble  


78. A Friend In Deed  

79. Friend and Foe Alike  


80. Friends To The End  



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