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Pokémon Episode Guide (US/Western Listing)

Episodes 41 - 60
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Please note: The summaries are only brief, and so not every occurence in the show can be accounted for. The summaries are correct as far as I'm aware, but if you spot any discrepancies, please let RocketChick know so the error can be rectified immediately. Thank you!




Brief Episode Summary

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41. Wake Up Snorlax! Still on their journey, the heroes meet an old man who plays his Poké-flute for them and then asks them for food! The town he's from is all dried up so there isn't enough food for them to survive anymore. They go to the town, where the mayor takes them in and offers them some stored snacks. They accept and in return they promise to find the reason why the stream has stopped flowing. Ash and his friends find a huge Snorlax blocking the spring!
42. Showdown at Dark City Ash and his friends arrive at Dark City, a town paying the price of gang war. There are two gym owners fighting each other for the right to own the official Pokémon gym of their town. Do the heroes convince the gangs that that there's more to being successful gym leaders and Pokémon trainers than fighting?


43. The March of the Exeggutor Squad The friends meet a magician who... well... isn't a very good magician and always fails at doing his tricks. His little Exeggute Pokémon end up hypnotising Ash, so the magician takes advantage of him by making Ash capture a 'herd' of Exeggutor. Meanwhile, Team Rocket have arrived and try to show the magician what real magic tricks are all about.
44. The Problem with Paras In this episode, Jesse and James display their knack for helping Pokémon evolve. At the beginning, Meowth is sick and when Jess and James attempt leave him behind, a lady comes along and miraculously cures him. Meowth thinks he's fallen in love with the kind human, and thinks if he helps her unconfident Paras evolve into a Parasect she will love him too and let him stay with her instead. Anyway, the Team Rocket twosome give the little Paras confidence and it soon evolves much to Ash and his friends' surprise (because Ash failed when trying to help the Paras). 'It looks like Team Rocket are good for something after all...' The lady didn't allow Meowth to stay with her and she insisted he stay with Team Rocket and use his talents for them!

45. The Song of Jigglypuff Ash, Misty, Brock and Pikachu go to a bustling town full of people who never sleep, and the result is that they are all angry and easily provoked. The friends encounter a Jigglypuff that doesn't know how to sing! Misty eventually teaches it, and in doing so, they send the whole town of tired, angry people to sleep, and even Jesse, James and Meowth, who had been plotting to capture the Jigglypuff. When the people woke up he next day, they were all happy and cured of their aggravation. Even Jesse and James were feeling so great, they weren't even upset about failing again!
46. Attack of the Prehistoric Pokémon The heroes come across a large group of people digging for Pokémon fossils. Our beloved Team Rocket trio see the opportunity to blast the whole area and take all the fossils for themselves. Ash and his Pokémon try to stop them, but they're too late, and Jesse, James, Meowth, Ash, Pikachu, and all their Pokémon are caught in the blast and are buried in an underground cave... with some Pokémon who were said to have been extinct for hundreds of years!
47. A Chansey Operation When Pikachu is choking on an apple, Ash and co. hurry off to find the Pokémon Center, but they realise its too far away, so they take the little Pika to a local hospital - where only one doctor is working! The doctor, like Brock, seems to have an obsession with pretty girls, and is quite lazy in his job. He saves Pikachu, just as Nurse Joy calls and announces there's been an accident (which was caused by James' bad driving ^_^) and there isn't enough room at the Center for all the injured Pokémon, so some were being sent there. Team Rocket, Ash, Brock and Misty are all recruited to help. Meanwhile, as Ash and co. are actually helping, Jess and James are cooking up a plan to take all the Pokémon. They don't succeed, as Arbok and Weezing refuse to help them because of the aid they received from the good guys after the accident.
48. Holy Matrimony! Continuing on their journey, the group of friends come across a poster of a 'missing' boy, and the picture of the boy looks like a young James of Team Rocket! Suddenly, a huge car pulls up and the man inside the car pulls in Ash, Brock and Misty when they say that they know the boy. They're taken to a huge estate, where even the dog's house is a mansion! Meanwhile, Jesse, James and Meowth find the poster, and James admits that the picture is of him and Jesse and Meowth talk him in to travelling back to his family's estate to find out what's going on. The man whom Ash and co. met explains that he's the butler of James' parents and that they sadly passed away earlier that day. He was looking for 'Master James' to give him his inheritance. When Jesse overhears this, she happily pushes James into giving an appearance to claim the inheritance, but the funeral idea was all a scheme by his parents to get him to return home and marry his betrothed childhood 'sweetheart' Jessebelle!! After a failed plot of trying to be 'invisible', it's left up to James' faithful childhood buddy - Growlie, his Growlithe - to save him from the wicked and manipulative (and strangely similar to Jesse) Jessebelle! Jesse and Meowth sorrowfully leave thinking James has left Team Rocket behind, but in the most Rocketshippy moment ever in all of Pokemon history, they return to the hot air balloon only to find that their James is waiting for them! [This is the best episode, like, ever! ^_^]

49. So Near Yet So Farfetch'd While Ash and Brock go off to get some water, Misty comes across a rare Farfetch'd in the forest and tries to capture it. Running after the little Pokemon, she bumps into a boy and unbeknownst to her, he switches their backpacks and he steals all her Pokeballs. They realise he has stolen from her, and go to Officer Jenny, who then explains that she's been after this boy and his Farfetch'd for a while, but they never stay in one place so she can never catch them. Jesse and James meet the boy in the forest too, and he tricks them by asking them to look after his Pokémon and all of the Pokéballs giving them the opportunity to steal. Farfetch'd outsmarts them and ends up taking all of their Pokémon too! When they all catch up with the thief, Ash battles him and teaches him a thing or two about successful training.

50. Who Gets to Keep Togepi? The 'heroes' wonder about the egg that they had kept from a few episodes back ("Attack of the Prehistoric Pokémon"). They argue about what will hatch, and who should keep and train whatever it is. Team Rocket overhear, and plot to steal the egg from them - and they do! Dressed as eggsellers (both female might I add ^_^) Jesse and James approach Ash and his friends and end up mixing up all the eggs while Meowth made sure he grabbed the actual rare Pokémon egg that belonged to the twerps! Ash and co. followed TR back to their cabin, where they watched and overheard Meowth explain about all the hard work he'd done mothering the little egg in preparation for it to hatch. They go inside and declare battle, and a huge argument erupts over who should keep the egg, and they end up fighting while the egg gets thrown from person to person! Pikachu caught the egg just in time for it to hatch, then Misty took hold of it to get the first look at the little Pokémon inside. The group of friends leave with the mysterious little creature - a Togepi - much to Meowth's sorrow. It was decided that Misty should keep Togepi, since it seemed to like her best (they agreed that since Misty was the first thing it saw, it thought she was its mother).
51. Bulbasaur's Mysterious Garden After a tough battle, Ash's Bulbasaur has a strange aura about him and a bad bump on his head, so Ash and his friends take him to the nearest Pokémon Center. Nurse Joy informs them that it was the time of year for Bubasaurs to come together in the mysterious garden to evolve. No human had ever been able to see the garden, or what happened when all the Bulbasaurs were there. When they are all asleep, Bulbasaur gets up from his little bed in the Center and goes outside; Pikachu sees him and follows him out only to see him be carried away by a group of other Bulbasaurs! Pikachu goes back in to get Ash and they all set off after the Bulbasaurs and have to overcome many obstacles before they reach the mysterious garden, and make it inside. They watch from afar as a Venusaur comes out and begins to chant with all the Bulbasaurs. All of a sudden, the Bulbasaurs began to evolve into Ivysaurs, all that is apart from Ash's Bulbasaur who was fighting hard to resist the evolution. Earlier Jesse, James and Meowth had noticed the commotion and tried to get into the garden too, but couldn't quite manage it, so they got in their hot air balloon and just flew in instead!! They used a huge sucking device to vaccuum up all the Ivysaur, and made fun of Ash and his Bulbasaur, enraging the little grass Pokémon. Bulbasaur shocked them all, Ash included, when he shot a huge solar beam at the balloon, freeing all of the Ivysaurs and sending Team Rocket blasting off again. The Venusaur, who had been angry with Bulbasaur for not evolving, finally accepted that it was okay that Bulbasaur didn't want to evolve just yet.

52. Princess vs. Princess see below table for explanation; summary available further down [screenshot further down]
53. The Purr-fect Hero see below table for explanation; summary available further down [screenshot further down]
52. Battle at the Festival (see below table for explanation) n/a
53. Children's Day (see below table for explanation) n/a
54. The Case of the K-9 Caper While travelling through yet another forest, the friends encounter what appears to be a thief being chased by the police so they help out by sending their Pokémon to stop him. Officer Jenny, and a group of Growlithes, arrive and angrily inform Ash and his friends that it wasn't a real thief, and the whole scene was an exercise to train the Growlithes into being K-9 police dog squad. Ash decides that Pikachu will never be the best Pokémon possible unless it trains as hard as the Growlithes do in the police squad, so he decides he and Pikachu will do some rigorous training. Jesse and James, having seen how great the Growlithes are, cook up a scheme to steal them. Dressed as Jennys, they send out a gas to make Ash, Brock, Misty and more importantly, Officer Jenny's voices go all sqeaky - so the Growlithes couldn't recognise her. Using voice disguisers, Jesse and James almost trick the Growlithes to leaving with them until one of the Growlithes eventually recognises the real Jenny. The moral of the story: to be a really great trainer, your Pokémon has to learn to get to know you by personality and heart rather than exterior or voice, like Ash and Pikachu... Aaw, ain't that cute? -_- (A really funny episode!)

55. Pokémon Paparazzi Jesse and James, disguised as old people have tricked a young boy into 'capturing' Pikachu. What they don't realise is, that 'capturing' in this case, means as in taking a photograph!! So the boy, known as 'Snap', has set out to take a photo of Ash's Pikachu and keeps failing because Pikachu isn't exactly camera-friendly. The Team Rocket trio dig a hole in the ground for Ash and Pikachu to fall in, and when they do, the hole is too deep and the ground breaks through! Ash ends up falling into the water (in the sewer I think, underground) and is about to fall down a water fall... He holds on to the edge just in time, and Snap, proving he is Ash's friend after all uses his camera and tripod to try and help Ash up. Jesse and James, revealing themselves as Team Rocket after all, throw small bombs to make Ash fall. But one of the bombs is thrown back! Looks like Team Rocket's blasting off again!


56. The Ultimate Test Ash enters himself into the Pokémon League Exams to win a special badge which would give him the special opportunity to head straight into the Pokémon League. At the same time, he sees a girl who looks familiar signing up at the same time... It's Jesse! (Note: she fills in the form stating her age as 17, and occupation as 'diva'). Then a man enters the room too, who also looks familiar to Ash... This time it's James! He walks into the line and calls Jesse and 'old bat' (not recognising her) which infuriates her, and the two almost fight until Meowth arrives and points out that they are Jesse and James - then they both make up stories as to why they're at the Pokémon League exam. James admits its his dream to be a Pokémon Master, and Jesse just wants to add yet another talent to her flawless list! But there's one problem... they both flunk the test, as does Ash. Jesse storms out throwing a fit on her way, causing her own expulsion from the tests. James makes a pact with himself that he will pass the tests for Jesse (aaw! ^_~). The second exam is a battle, using randomly selected Pokémon. James' first is a Pikachu! But electric types are no good against his opponent, a rock type. Angrily, he takes out his final two - a Charizard and an Ivysaur! However, it's against the rules to use two at once so James was expelled now too. Ash battles okay in his match, even though he has a Weezing, Arbok and a Meowth! But Jesse and James, seeking revenge, interfere and somehow, a huge explosion is caused ruining the Pokémon battle area... So thanks to Jesse, James and Meowth, all the tests have to be done again!! But Ash decides that he'd rather get into the Pokémon League his way, rather than taking a test to win a special badge.

57. The Breeding Center Secret Ash, Brock and Misty are curious when a new breeding center opens, promising major improvements in Pokémon if they stay overnight. Misty, hopeless for a 'cure' for Psyduck, books him in for an overnight stay. They come across a restaurant which offers free meals if you can show the chef his favourite Pokémon - which just happens to be Psyduck. Desperate to get their free meals, the friends go back to the breeding center to get Psyduck back, but they find that its closed so they decide to invite themselves in. They discover that the Pokémon are being kept in awful conditions - locked in small cages in a dark room. They overhear the people who run the center talking about how they've tricked all the people in the town into bringing all their Pokémon while Snap, who's still with them, takes photographs of the poorly looked after creatures. Jesse, James and Meowth break in too, in order to steal all the Pokémon!! The owners of the breeding center arrive and their secret is revealed - they are Team Rocket too!! Butch and Cassidy - the Boss' favourites, and Cassidy is Jesse's arch-nemesis! Anyway, Butch and Cassidy call Officer Jenny and Ash, Brock, Jesse and James are arrested for breaking in. Its all down to Misty to save them and let everyone know the truth about the breeding center.

52* Princess Vs. Princess Jesse and Misty are both celebrating Princess Day much to all the guys' chagrin. There's a contest to win a set of Dolls, which both girls enter. Jesse never ever had the dolls as a child and she'd always wanted them, whereas Misty's sisters got everything she ever wanted. During the epsiode, Jesse captures a rare Likitung to enter the contest with! As part of the contest, Jess and Mist dress up and both James and Ash seem besotted with their respective female of interest!! Likitung was beating all opponents and the end came down to Jesse's Likitung vs. Misty's Psyduck. To everyone's surprise, Psyduck got the win which left Jesse absolutely distraught. James and all their Pokémon dress themselves up as the dolls to cheer her up and makes her feel better. (This is a great episode!)

53** The Purr-fect Hero Ash and co. agree to let some children play with their Pokémon to help out. One of the children there has a story that a Meowth had saved him once, and he really wanted to meet the Meowth again. Team Rocket arrive in disguise and put on a magic show in an attempt to steal Pikachu, but instead they end up stealing the boy who wanted a Meowth! They try to use it to their advantage but in the end, they were sent 'rolling off again!'
58. Riddle Me This Ash battles for his 7th badge in a secret gym in a Volcano on Cinnabar Island. The leaders' Pokémon Magmar has Pikachu beat...


59. Volcanic Panic In the continuation of 'Riddle Me This', the leader prevents his Pokémon from hurting Pikachu. Team Rocket arrive and freeze out the volcano until they are stopped and sent blasting off again. It's up to Ash and his Charizard, along with Magmar to save the gym from destruction.


60. Beach Blank Out Blastoise Brock, Misty, Pikachu and Ash arrive on an island, where they find a group of sleeping Wartortle and a Blastoise. They find out that there is a Jigglypuff inside one of Blastoise's rocketlaunchers, and that's why they're all asleep. Team Rocket get to the island in their submarine which looks like a Gyrados, and they plot to steal the Blastoise. But the Jigglypuff is still inside...



"Princess Vs. Princess" and "The Purr-fect Hero": I believe that these episodes air as episode numbers 52 and 53 in place of 'Battle at the Festival' and 'Children's Day', in the United States. However, they are aired in the United Kingdom as placed on my list here.


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