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Information about Salon Roquet's founders - Jesse, James and Meowth - and others in the organisation they work for - Team Rocket.



Jesse, the perfect-figured femme fatale of Team Rocket, seems to be the dominating member of the threesome. She can often be seen smacking James and Meowth (especially James) around and telling them what to do. She has two Pokémon, Arbok (evolved from Ekans) and Likitung.

Jesse is reportedly from Sunny Town, but grew up in a poor household (as explained in the Christmas Special and 'Snow Way Out'). As a child all her hopes and dreams were dashed when she saw who she thought was Santa Claus stealing her doll, so perhaps this is partly the reason why she decided to become a member of Team Rocket and 'denounce the evils of truth and love'. During her young years, she was a key member of the 'Bridge Bike Gang' and was affectionately known as 'Big Jess'.

Her age is disputed amongst Pokémon fans. Some say that she is only 12 years old, and others say she is 17 years old, although many people would probably think she is even older. Considering one Pokémon episode was banned due to her seducing park rangers (episode 35, 'The Legend of Dratini') I would agree that Jesse probably is older than 17. How much older? I'm not sure. Team Rocket fans eagerly await the official word as to how old Jesse is supposed to be!



James, the handsome, purple-haired male of the group, is often abused by Jesse and Meowth, with the best of intentions of course. The critics call him the goofy one, but fans just call him just plain cute (he is you know:)), and I think Jesse loves him too, really. One of James' qualities is he can dress like a girl really well! The Pokémon he has is Weezing, who evolved from Koffing, and a Victreebell which evolved from Weepinbell.

It's reported that James is from Sunny Town too, but unlike Jesse, he was born into a wealthy family in a large mansion. He left his beloved Growlith behind when he left home because his parents had destined him to marry the annoying Jessebelle when he was older. Later, he became a member of the Bridge Bike Gang too. Known as Jim, he was the coolest biker to use training wheels!

An emotional point in James' life was when he returned home with the belied his parents had died, then he found they hadn't and it was just a trick to lure him back to marry Jessebelle. Jesse and Meowth had thought he'd decided to stay and go through with it, and when he came back to them a new closeness was felt between them.

James' age is also a point of dispute. Again, some say he's twelve, some say he's seventeen, the fact is - nobody knows! Considering all he's done in his life I'd think it'd be difficult to argue he's any younger than 17 (in 'Lights, Camera, Quack-tion', he claimed he'd attended theater school for 3 years). One point to consider is the argument that James is younger than Jesse. But once again, we do not know for sure whether or not there's any truth in it.



Meowth is the main Pokémon belonging Jesse and James. He travels around with them, not in a Pokéball, and seems to be the only known Pokémon who can speak properly (rather than just saying his name).

Concerned with matters of money, food, and aiding the attempts to beat and catch rare Pokémon, Meowth is a valuable member of the threesome. Uses his claws to gash faces of opponents, and Jesse and James too if they're out of line! Many argue that Meowth is the real brains of the outfit which is a valid claim when looking at some of the events in the lives of Team Rocket. Often it is left to Meowth to try and focus Jess and James their schemes when they are too concerned with looks or something else.

Meowth was left at birth to fend for himself. He travelled to Hollywood to try and make a home; he joined a gang of Meowths led by a Persian until he fell in love with 'Meowsie', a spoilt little Meowth with a rich owner. Meowsie turned him down because he wasn't human, and this is when he taught himself to walk on two legs and talk like a regular person. When he met up with Meowsie again and showed her all he'd become, she turned him down again because he was now 'a freak Pokémon'! Meowth couldn't take the rejection and so he left Hollywood to join Team Rocket. (See episode entitled 'Go West Young Meowth' for the full story)


Ekans/Arbok, Koffing/Weezing & Likitung

The not too bright Pokémon of Jesse and James (or is it that they just haven't been trained well?). Ekans, and later Arbok, is Jesse's Pokémon, and uses a poison attack and is quite agile. His ability to go into the ground to dodge attacks comes in quite handy from time to time. 'Ekans' is 'snake' spelt backwards, and 'Arbok' is 'Kobra' backwards, a variation of the spelling 'Cobra'.

Koffing, which later evolved into Weezing, is James' Pokémon. He uses gas attacks to stun and poison opponents.

Likitung belongs to Jesse. When she captured it, they were all so pleased that they finally managed to get another Pokémon after so long, but all their hopes were dashed when they realised that overall, its a pretty useless Pokémon! (Or maybe that's because they need to train it?)


Other Team Rocket Members

Giovanni (The Boss)

The dreaded leader of the Team Rocket organisation, Gio is a mysterious man who was not seen or heard much until more recent Pokémon adventures. Little is known about his background. He has a Persian at his side and has a fondness for rare Pokémon. It was he who sent Jesse, James and Meowth off to catch the rare Pikachu.

Butch, Cassidy and Raticate

Butch and Cassidy, along with 'Cate' were also unheard of until more recent Pokémon episodes. Most Team Rocket fans dismiss these as poor imitators of Jesse and James. They think they're more cool, more hot, and even more bad than our beloved couple. The truth is, they are inferior... their Pokémon, Raticate, can't even say anything but its own name!


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