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Salon Roquet just won its' first award (19th December 1999)! Huge thanks to Pikachuu's Pokéball! Click below to go there.

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And our second award, from - one of the largest Poké-sites on the 'net! (21st December 1999)

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Our third award is from a great Team Rocket site - Team Rocket's Corner! (25th December 1999)

This is a Coool TR Page!

This next one is an award from one of Salon Roquet's loyal customers! Thanks Mewtwo! (5th January 2000)

Thanks to Pratch for this cool award!! (February 2000). Click on the award to check out his site!


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Here is a list of links to sites that have won our award!

Team Rocket's Corner

Team Rocket's Page of Evil

Salon Rocket